Thursday, 3 May 2007

Himerge - version 0.13 released.

During the last few weeks i have been working on Himerge (a graphical user interface for Gentoo's portage system), fixing bugs, cleaning code, adding new features here and there. And today, i have finally released a new version of it.

Himerge version 0.13 (Alpha) is practically the first packaged version of this program, so, we could consider it as the first release, though its darcs repository have been around for several months now.

This version is still under development, and though it has been very stable for me lately, i still prefer to keep it under Alpha status.

The tarball package is available from its new web site at , from where you can also get the darcs development version if you feel like testing the latest code.

Himerge comes with many new features (most of them recently added, and many still need more testing, one of the main reason i have decided to label it Alpha yet), among them: a new resizable panel, so you can get a complete view of any operation; a web view to access the web site of a specific package; an improved use flag and package branch browser, better error handling for several operations, a different and in my opinion, more flexible layout, added some extra-operations like dependencies rebuild; and more.

Himerge also comes with a new icon set, most of them from the Tango project and a new main logo (shown here) design.

I also expect to upload an official ebuild in the portage tree soon, so keep checking.

Please, visit the himerge web site for further information.

Regards and Enjoy!

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Neil Mitchell said...

That is a beautiful logo!