Friday, 7 September 2007

Himerge 0.14 released.

Himerge version 0.14 has been released.
This new version contains many improvements and bug fixes, therefore it's highly recommended updating to it.
Some of the most important changes for this version taken from the ChangeLog file are:

  • Tooltips added to the buttons's operations. You will finally know what these buttons really do ;-).
  • Support for /etc/portage/ directories. For example, now you can have package.keywords/ as a directory containing more package files.
  • Added support for calculating the direct reverse dependencies of a package. Now you can see what packages depend upon a selected package, so you can choose a more proper operation for it.
  • Now the main tree views will scroll to the cell of a specific package when this one is found using the package search feature. You now won't need to go through the whole tree view list by yourself to locate the package.
  • Now himerge will automatically move and show the notebook pages when they are initially created with an operation. So you don't have to keep scrolling and clicking on every new notebook; himerge does it for you now!.
  • Package search box improved with a drop-down list for search history. This lets you to quickly access previous packages searches.
  • Added a new accelerator to show documentation. This shows a brief help for new users.
  • The USE flag browser has been improved to match correct local use flags options for a package. Every package will show its correct set of USE flags, even if they are local ones.
  • Some bugs fixed and slight code refactoring in several functions.
With these changes, a new dependency was introduced too. Himerge now needs the gentoolkit package version 0.2.3 (or greater should also work).
Please visit the official web site at: to download this latest version (himerge-0.14) and read the installation instructions.
And of course, you always can get himerge installed from portage with the command:

# emerge -av himerge

Or using a previous version of himerge ;-)


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