Monday, 7 July 2008

GHC 6.8.2 stable! (Himerge 0.21.9 too!)

As it reads in the topic, excellent news!

We have finally decided to get GHC 6.8.2 stable in our official Gentoo portage tree. Lennart Kolmodin filled a stabilization request yesterday to get this GHC version stable along with many of their existing libraries.

As we all know, since the Glasgow Haskell Compiler went modular, our dev-haskell/ category has increased its size considerably and the maintenance effort too; so, though we have probably got a bit late stabilizing these packages, we have carefully worked with most of them, and they have been already publicly available for anyone willing to test them from our Gentoo-Haskell overlay since many months ago.

This stabilization will greatly reduce the burden for working with Haskell packages in Gentoo now. Users don't need to keyword most of these packages versions by themselves, and a simply emerge command will suffice to get all the glory out of them :-). Therefore we expect and encourage users to test the stabilized packages and report at any bug found.

With this important stabilization, Himerge version 0.21.9 also got stabilized, which is the latest and most stable release of it. Now the process of installing this program will be smoother since all their dependencies are marked stable too and a simple 'emerge himerge' will make it.

As explained in the bug #230919, these packages are only stabilized for x86/amd64 , more arches to follow.

All the kudos go to the arch teams and everyone who has helped us to test packages and detect bugs during all this time.

Regards and Enjoy!

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